Building Networks, Building Friendships, BUILDING RESISTANCE!

DABCThe Chainbreaker tour was proud to be a part of this years North American Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) conference in Colorado. We weaved through the foothills and the views across the valleys below were a welcome change from the great plains. The literal high points were almost as beautiful as the figurative high points of the conference.

The schedule included panels on counter-insurgency, entrapment, former prisoners, anti-police/mass incarceration, grand jury resistance, and torture. Many of the topics intersected and played off each other deepening the level of discussion as the weekend moved on.

Because Chainbreaker is largely a project for networking and drawing connections, the conference offered more than we could have hoped for. Of special interest is encouraging the dissemination both inside and outside the walls of both 4strugglemag and the Certain Days Calendar. Everyone reading this should look into getting them for themselves and/or using them for a fund-raiser for your project.

Through informal conversation we also learned more about some Greek Anti-Fascists who held a motorcycle demonstration and were attacked by police and fascists (Golden Dawn). Golden Dawn is attempting to expand internationally and we owe it to our ourselves, our communities, and our comrades to resist there efforts.


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